Our Mission

We are a Black-led, multi-racial organization building parent power to transform Philly schools  by advancing racial, economic, and education justice.

By harnessing the power of parents, we’re transforming our schools and our city.

Our vision for Philly’s public schools

We envision Philly schools that are welcoming, healing, and respect the humanity, self-determination, and growth of all of our children, regardless of race, income, immigration status, ability, or neighborhood.

We envision a parent community that is united across race and class lines and empowered to take collective action. 

We envision schools as places our kids want to beplaces that uplift the dignity, potential, and right to self-determination of young people and their families.

We envision a city that is truly accountable to parents and children, that is a partner in, not a barrier to, ensuring that resources are provided equitably.

Our Values


The path to parent power is paved with dignity. We build collective power that reflects and respects the dignity of our youth and their families.


Public education is a fundamental right and cornerstone of our democracy, but too many of our schools fail to meet student needs. We are building a home for parents and caregivers to set forth a vision for education justice in our city. 

Parents as Experts

Parents and caregivers know what their children and communities need. We center their lived experience to lead the charge in transforming our schools.

Black Leadership

The power and knowledge gained from Black history, Black struggle, and Black visions is critical in our fight for just Philly schools. In our multi-racial struggle, Black parents lead. We harness lessons learned from Black liberation movements to build a truly equitable and liberatory school system.

Public Good

Our children’s education cannot, and must not, be privatized. We champion a Philly with strong public schools in every neighborhood.

Our Approach — how we make our vision a reality

Parents are the experts on their children, schools, and communities. By lifting up parent voices, we lift up children and communities. 

By asserting parents’ vision, dignity, and agency, our collective power takes root. We build campaigns grown directly from parent experiences and coordinate efforts at the school, city, and state levels to create a public school system that works for all kids. 

By connecting parents across neighborhoods, we unite communities and build city-wide leadership in the shared fight for our public schools.

By raising our collective voice, we shift power back to our communities and create avenues for parent leadership in decision-making. Together, we are fearless in our quest for racial equity and dignity in our schools and our communities.